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Amy is Daisy's friend from the Jacqueline Wilson book Sleepovers.

All about Amy
Birth name: Amy Florence
Age 7 (later 8)
Relatives Alison and Abigail (big sisters), her mum, her dad, her nan
Friends Bella, Daisy, Emily
Enemies Chloe


Amy is the A of the Alphabet Club. Bella is her best friend, and the girls dance and dress up for her birthday. Her birthday cake, a chocolate cake, makes Emily feel sick, and she goes off it. On Daisy's birthday, she sees Lily and Daisy tells her that something was wrong with her when she was born. She has two older sisters named Alison and Abigail.

Appearance Edit

Amy has short, straight black hair in a bob. She also has brown eyes and tanned skin.