Baxter is a 6-year-old boy in the Jacqueline Wilson book Lily Alone. He is Lily's half-brother and Bliss' twin. He acts like his dad, Mikey, swaggering and swearing. He is the only boy of the Green family, and his favourite role model, the man he worships and adores, is his dad. He likes to cut his hair really short to look as much like Mikey as he can, prefers to act tough and emphasises his toughness to the limit, to the point where he has difficulty admitting when he is really afraid or upset. He quenches his feelings by teasing his sister, but shows he loves her when she breaks her leg. He is fostered by a kind old lady along with Pixie at the end of the book. His favourite toy is a fork lift truck, which his Mum purchases with a credit card.


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