Biscuits and Tim

Billy 'Biscuits' Baker is from the Jacqueline Wilson books Buried Alive, Cliffhanger and Best Friends. He seems to be an odd boy but it's only because he's very, very intelligent. He has a keen, penetrating eye and often sees what people are feeling even when they are trying to hide it. He comforts Gemma Jackson when she's feeling down and even tries to help her when she runs amuck. He's really quite mature! He is best friends with Tim, and has a baby sister named Polly.

Biscuits Baker

Birth Name

Billy Baker




Tim, Gemma


Un-named mother, un-named father, June (grandmother) Polly (younger sister)


Cliffhanger, Buried Alive, Best Friends


  • In Cliffhanger, Biscuits surname is Baker, when in Best Friends, it is McVitie. It could possibly have been changed due to family reasons, but it is much more likely that McVitie was Gemma making fun of him in Best Friends, when she fell out with him (McVitie's is a brand of biscuits).