Bliss is a 6-year-old girl from the Jacqueline Wilson book Lily Alone. She barely utters a word and treasures 'Headless,' a toy white polar bear that lost its head in an unfortunate accident. She loves the fairytale Cinderella and begs Lily to read it to her. Bliss is the perfect model of a sweet, shy little girl who has very intense loves for the things around her, but finds difficulty in expressing herself properly or making herself heard over the constant noise of Lily trying to keep the kids in order, Baxter swearing and shouting and Pixie screaming for ice cream and chippies. She loves to talk with Lily when she is alone. Like Lily, she is a loner, preferring to be on her own. Other children her age are loud and boisterous, making Bliss stick out in class. She does not like school because of this, has doubts about her mum's ability to look after her kids properly but keeps all her thoughts to herself. She has an irritating phobia of beetles and germs, finds it difficult to cope with normal social life and to stop her dominating twin brother from walking all over her, and adores her big sister Lily. Bliss ends up being taken to the hospital when she has a terrible accident in the park and breaks her leg.

All about Bliss
Birth Name Bliss Green
Appearance Long blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes
Age 6
Parents Kate Green (mother) Mikey Green (father)
Siblings Lily and Pixie Green (sisters), Baxter Green (twin brother)
Likes Her older sister, Headless, fairy stories, being alone (like Lily)
Dislikes Getting teased, Baxter hurting her, breaking rules
Personality Quiet, shy, timid, sweet, gentle, anxious