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Emily is Chloe's former and Daisy's current best friend from the Jacqueline Wilson book Sleepovers.


Emily is the E of the Alphabet Club. Daisy likes Emily so much, but Emily already has Chloe for a best friend. On Amy's sleepover, Emily is sick from eating chocolate cake and Daisy kindly mops her up, which makes Emily go off Chloe and have Daisy as a new best friend. For her birthday, she receives a yellow teddy bear from Daisy and calls her Daisy, and the girls play football and have a teddy bear's picnic. Daisy stays out of the game because of her sore knees when Chloe pushed her out of the car, and feeds Emily's baby brother, Ben. On Daisy's birthday, Emily wears the same purple starry T-shirt as Daisy.