Hetty in Sapphire Battersea

Hetty Feather


Hetty Feather (Christian name), Sapphire Battersea (name chosen by mother), Emerald Star (stage name)


0-10( Hetty Feather) 12 (Hetty Feather's Christmas) 14 (Sapphire Battersea) 15 (Emerald Star, Diamond) 16 (Little Stars)

Family Members

Evelyn Edenshaw (mother, deceased) Bobbie Waters (father) Katherine Waters (step-mother), Mina Waters (half sister), Ezra Waters (half brother), Samuel Edenshaw (maternal grandfather)


Polly (Hetty Feather) Bertie (Sapphire Battersea) Jem (Hetty Feather, Emerald Star) Diamond (Diamond, Little Stars) Madame Adeline (Hetty Feather, Emerald Star, Diamond) Mrs Briskett (Sapphire Battersea) Sarah (Sapphire Battersea) Mr Marvel (Emerald Star) Ezra Waters (Emerald Star) Mina Waters (Emerald Star) Janet Maple (Emerald Star) Mr and Mrs Maple (Emerald Star)


Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star, Diamond, Little Stars, Clover Moon, Hetty Feather's Christmas

She has appeared in seven books, Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea, Emerald Star, Diamond, Little Stars, Clover Moon and Hetty Feather's Christmas.

Early LifeEdit

Hetty Feather was born out of wedlock to Evelyn 'Evie' Edenshaw and Robert 'Bobbie' Waters. While pregnant, Evelyn was sent to a workhouse and once her flame-haired daughter was born she decided it would be best if she gave her up to the foundling hospital. There, her child was christened Hetty Feather and was given to Peg Cotton's family to be cared for until it was time for her to go back. Hetty grew up surrounded by family in a comfortable countryside home with many 'siblings'. Her closest siblings were Gideon, who came in a basket with her, Martha, who had a sight problem, and Jem, whom she loved most of all and one day vowed to marry. One day, Tanglefield's Travelling Circus came to town and there she met Madame Adeline, the fiery-headed equestrian star of the show. Hetty performed with Adeline and was nicknamed 'Little Star'. A while later, Martha was sent back to the Hospital, and after it was Gideon and Hetty's turn.

Foundling YearsEdit

Hetty hated life at the Foundling Hospital as much as the matrons hated her. Life was difficult and dangerous, even though they were safe physically (with the exception of sickness). She found an enemy on the very first day, and had very few friends. She was reunited with her foster sister Martha, who barely remembered her and Saul, who later died.