Pearl, attention, fairy cakes, telling scary stories, ear piercings, hair dye, badgers, dogs, Jed


Animals getting hurt, school, the way Mum treats her, the way the principal treats her, getting called mean names, her classmates, Melchester


Sisterly, confident, rebellious (in a good way), fiery, tough, carefree, unique, energetic, gentle, loving, emotional

Jodie is one of the main characters in the book My Sister Jodie. She is sisters with Pearl and daughter of Sharon and Joe Wells.

Appearance Edit

Jodie used to be very neat and tidy with her two plaits and nice manners but soon forgot about them and started speaking for herself and grew to be bold, bad and brash. She has dyed orange streaks in her blonde hair and comes it back into a spiky ponytail. She has 5 earrings on one ear and 1 on the other.

Later on in the story, Jodie dyes her hair purple and has inked tattoos on her arm.

Abilities Edit

Jodie can charm parents and teachers by talent and she is also wonderful with younger children. Because of her experience with Pearl, she has a way with children and they love her as well.

According to Jodie, older boys like her better than boys her age.

Personality Edit

Bold, bad and brash, Jodie is a girl who doesn't care about her language or about behaving well.

Biography Edit

My Sister Jodie Edit

When she hears the news about moving to the new Melchester College, Jodie is angry about it and not willing to go. Pearl is devastated and wails, saying she won't be going to Melchester unless Jodie comes. As Pearl is her best friend and best sister, Jodie agrees and goes along only for the sake of Pearl.