Pixie is a cute 3-year-old girl from the Jacqueline Wilson book Lily Alone. She is the baby of the Green family who is a sweet, cheeky and talkative baby who is favoured be her mum and many others. Lily loves her dearly but feels constantly pressurised by her and Baxter's endless demands for things that they want and can't have. Kate, who is undoubtedly a pretty useless mother, spoils her a bit to keep her quiet and sweet, and she loves ice-cream. Lily complains she talks too much.

All about Pixie
Full name Pixie Green
Personality Sweet, cute, adorable, chatty, cheeky, a bit spoiled
Appearance Small, slender, beautiful, wispy mouse hair, fair skin, rosy cheeks
Age 3
Birthday February 8
Alliance Good
Relatives Lily and Bliss Green (older sisters), Baxter Green (older brother), Kate Green (mother)
Friends Lily, Bliss, Baxter, Kate, Mikey
Enemies Old Kath, Paul
Likes Ice cream, talking, chippies, demanding for stuff, looking like her mother
Dislikes Lily being mean to her, Baxter being rough with her and Bliss, not getting her own way
Powers Speed, strength
Fate Ends up in a children's home with Baxter.