Ruby Barker is the main protaganist of the novel Double Act, alongside her twin,

Ruby Barker

Birth Name

Ruby Barker


10-11 (Double Act) Around 30 (The Butterfly Club)


Richard Barker (father), Opal Barker (mother, deaceased) Rose (step-mother)


Garnet (twin sister)


Jeremy Blob, Ferret-face


Cheeky, naughty, messy, wild, funny, silly


Double Act, The Butterfly Club

Garnet. She is also the daughter of Richard and Opal, who died 3 years prior to the events of the book. Her ambition is to become an actress and goes to audition for the TV-series "The twins at St. Claires"

All About RubyEdit

Ruby was born 20 minutes before her twin sister, Garnet . She does everything with Garnet. She is loud, bossy and a show-off. She is shown to be a bit selfish and self-centred, as she didn't believe that Garnet had got the scholarship, and thought that Miss Jeffreys had got them mixed up. She is also friends with Jeremy Treadgold, who she calls "The Blob" and he calls her "Baldie" after she cut her hair off, because she wanted to be different to Garnet. Ruby hardly ever cries, until the end of the book, when Garnet is sent off to Marnock Heights. She also appears in The Butterfly Club. She is now an actress and has her very own children's tv show, and Garnet is the executive producer.


Ruby usually wears jeans and a T-shirt and looks identical to Garnet. She also ties her hair in plaits and looks more neat in the morning than the evening. By the evening, Ruby's hair comes undone and her T-shirt crumples and her shoes get covered with mud. By the end of the book, she has a completely different look. She cuts all her hair off, to stop herself from looking like Garnet and she wears different clothes. Ruby's grandmother also remarked that Ruby looked like a "scruff" and a "gutter child".


  • Ruby and Garnet are mentioned in My Sister Jodie, where Pearl says to Mrs Wilberforce about her school book about twins, where one of them goes to boarding school.