Samantha is a girl that first appears in the Worry Website manabook by Jacqueline Wilson. Her story is the fifth one and it is about her missing her father very much after her parents split up.

Background Edit

Samantha is in Mr Speed's class. She typed down her worry on the Worry Website because she missed her father very much. Her parents had split up because the father was always flirting with the ladies he saw in gym. Samantha explains that 'Dad looks like a film star, he really does' and describes him in full detail. She also says that he took her to gym sometimes and taught her to swim. Then Samantha's father met Sandy and the two went off together, leaving Samantha and her mother and Simon (the little brother). Samantha was hoping that her father and Sandy wouldn't have a little baby. Later on, William accidentally splashes juice onto Samantha's blouse. Mr Speed takes her to the office to get a new one. Samantha notices a painting she made of her family, and she gets angry and damages the painting, out of anger. She only succeeds in hurting her fist and has to get a bandage. Later on Samantha is offered by Mr Speed to dig whenever she feels cross. Samantha apologises to William for shouting at him, and after that William is attracted to Samantha and even digs with her.

It is shown that Samantha used to be popular in the class, but after the divorce she got very upset and no one bothered to be her friend. She was featured in Greg's story, Holly's story and a little of Natasha's story. In Greg's story, it's revealed that Greg thinks Samantha is pretty but she reminds her of his daredevil sister Sarah-Jane. Also Samantha is shown to have a crush on Greg and was friendly to him when she thought that he liked her, but when she realised he liked Holly instead she got angry and pushed him. Samantha is also very stupid in the eyes of Holly. Poor Samantha is disliked by some people but she's actually a good digger. Her story ends with her wanting to give a tomato sandwich to Mr Speed.