The Longest Whale Song is a book by Jacqueline Wilson. The story is about a young girl called Ella, whose mum is pregnant with a baby boy and is in hospital after Ella's mum falls into a coma. Ella must face tough times and has to try and carry on a normal life. In school Ella learns about whales. Ella is fascinated about these mysterious creatures. She falls out with her friends and nothing seems right to Ella but with support from her new kind teacher, she works it out. Her mum's boyfriend Jack looks after her and the newborn baby Samson, Ella does not like Jack at first but the character relationships grow and they end up caring for each other.

Characters Edit

  • Ella - A lonely young 8-year-old girl, who is worried out of her mind for the safety of her mother. Her favorite animal becomes the whale as she studies about them to try and bring her mother out of the coma. She hates her stepfather and blames him for everything. Her real father comes to visit her out of the blues and he buys her a guinea-pig.
  • Mum - She gives birth to Samson but then something goes wrong and she is put into a coma. Ella makes her listen to whale songs that she enjoys very much. At the end of the book she wakes up, complaining about the music.
  • Jack - Mum's husband, Ella's stepfather and Samson's dad. He is worried out of his mind and is caring for the two children very well, to his surprise.
  • Samson - Ella's half-brother. Ella and Jack look after him for Mum.
  • Sally - A girl who appears to be Ella's friend but isn't there for her when she needs her most.
  • Martha - Originally Dory's best friend, Martha offends Ella at after-school club by calling her Mum a vegetable. After Ella and her get into a fight, she ends up being Ella's friend.
  • Dory - Originally Martha's best friend, when Ella is off school checking on her Mum. Dory and Martha become friends with Sally. Dory does not like Martha very much but is scared to say because Martha is quite rude.
  • Butterscotch - Ella's guinea pig. Her dad buys her him when he comes to take her out.